:期間:1993.07.12 -- 1993.07.23 :会場:東北大学

これは第1回日本数学会国際研究集会でもあった。Geometry and Global Analysis という題で主なトピックは geometric variational problems (harmonic maps, minimal surfaces), gauge theory,及び complex differential geometry であった。organizers は小竹武、西川青季, R. Schoen。 講演録は "Geometry and Global Analysis", Reports of the First MSJ International Research Institute, July 12-23, 1993, Tohoku University として出版され、大方の大学の図書室にあると思われるので詳細はそれを見て頂くことにする。

Survey Lectures (次の題で50分ずつ4回。Bourguignon と Schoen は原稿を出さなかったためReports には載っていない。)

  • J. P. Bourguignon
    • Introduction to geometric variational problems
  • K. Fukaya
    • Geometry of gauge fields
  • F. Morgan
    • Geometric measure theory
  • R. Schoen
    • Harmonic maps and actions of discrete groups
  • L. Simon
    • Regularity and singularities of minimal surfaces and harmonic maps


  • T. Mabuchi
    • Uniqueness and periodicity of extremal K\"ahler vector fields, and ${\bf Q}-$rationality of moment maps
  • R. Kobayashi
    • The existence of Ricci-flat K\"ahler metrics on affine algebraic manifolds and its applications
  • Y. Kametani
    • Simple invariants of homotopy regular elliptic surfaces
  • N. Mok
    • Semi-K\"ahler structures and algebraic dimensions of compact K\"ahler manifolds
  • T. Yoshida
    • Floer homology and holomorphic curves
  • G. Tian
    • K\"ahler-Einstein metrics on toric Fano manifolds
  • W. Y. Hsiang
    • Isoperimetric regions in symmetric spaces
  • C. Le Brun
    • Extremal K\"ahler surfaces
  • K. Fukaya
    • Gauge theory on 4 manifolds with corners
  • K. Nomizu
    • Recent results in affine differential geometry
  • P. Li
    • Eigenvalues and the heat equation on algebraic varieties
  • L. Barbosa
    • Stability of spacelike H-hypersurfaces in Lorentz manifolds
  • J. C. Wood
    • Harmonic morphisms between Riemannian manifolds
  • M. Umehara , K. Yamada
    • Surfaces of constant mean curvature -1 in the hyperbolic 3-space
  • L. Woodward
    • The affine Toda equations and minimal surfaces
  • A. Kasue
    • Spectral convergence of Riemannian manifolds
  • J. Choe
    • Three sharp isoperimetric inequalities for stationary varifolds and area minimizing flat chains mod $k$
  • P. Ehrlich
    • Astigmatic conjugacy, achronal boundaries, and causality
  • K. Voss
    • Bonnet surfaces in spaces of constant curvature

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