KNOPPIX/Math/2011 Taiwanese edition

  • It's a test work.


  • KNOPPIX/Math is a Live Linux. It contains many mathematical software in the DVD. You can easily enjoy many mathematical applications. You don't need to install any software.
  • KNOPPIX/Math/2011 is a remastering product of KNOPPIX 6.4.4 Japanese edition.
  • The desktop environment of KNOPPIX/Math is LXDE, it's very light and quick.
  • flash-knoppix is a script for making bootable USB memory stick. You can make your own persistent home directory on it.
  • Clicking the sqrt-penguin icon in the lxpanel, you can start launcher and click again, it will exit.
  • nautilus-dropbox is already installed, you can use Dropbox for an online strage.

The differences of "tw" and "en".

  • We changed boot parameter to lang=tw, tz=Asia/Taipei
  • It includes Taiwanese and Chinese input method, Chewing, Pinyin, and Wubi.

How to write Taiwanese Language.

  • Leafpad, KWrite, gedit, Iceweasel(Firefox), LibreOffice(, etc.
    • Changing input mode between Taiwanese and English. Click any text entry you want to input and press Ctrl+space.
  • Emacs
    C-x Enter
    C-\ chinese-[Tab] (You can choose your favorite input methods.)

new or reinstalled software

removed software


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