mkusbmath execution example

  1. Boot with MathLibre DVD.
  2. Connect USB flash drive of over 8GB.
  3. Execute the following command.
    sudo mkusbmath
  4. You can find the list of USB devices.
     mkusbmath: shell script for making USB bootable MathLibre
    Please select the target device from the following list:
    /dev/sdb usb-Generic-_SD_MMC_058F63626420-0:0
    /dev/sdc usb-Generic-_Compact_Flash_058F63626420-0:1
    /dev/sdd usb-Generic-_SM_xD_Picture_058F63626420-0:2
    /dev/sde usb-Generic-_MS_MS-Pro_058F63626420-0:3
    /dev/sdf usb-ELECOM_MF-LSU2_eb972e623b2081-0:0
    Please input your target device (ex. /dev/sdc) :
  5. We choose /dev/sdf, input /dev/sdf and push Enter key.
    Unmounting the mounted partitions.
    You've selected the device: /dev/sdf
    By the following operation,
    all files in /dev/sdf will be !!!REMOVED!!!. 
    It takes over 20 minutes for making,
    would you start this operation? (y/n)
  6. If you input y, then all files in flash drive will be removed. If you are OK, please input y and push Enter key.
    We're copying OS image to /dev/sdf
      1.3GB at  112.1MB/s  eta:   0:00:22   34% [============                     ]
  7. It takes over 15 minutes. You can find a progress bar, after reaching 100%, it takes more, please wait a few minutes.
  8. After finishing of copying, it creates the persistent home directory automatically.
    We've finished copying OS image.
    We're making persistent volume.
  9. The following message is displayed, we finished creating the procedures.
    We've finished making persistent volume.
    You've got an USB bootable MathLibre.

Error message

  • Generally, /dev/sda is an inner hard disk drive. If you select it, it will finish with the following error message.
    This drive /dev/sda may be a primary drive for your system.
    We'll cancel this operation.


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